Public lecture series of the NWV together with the University of Bremen, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and the Übersee-Museum, on the UN Decade "Restoration of Ecosystems", with the framework topic:

Research on colourful meadows

Insights into current research projects on biodiversity, use, maintenance and restoration of species-rich grasslands.

Mountain meadows in Romania. Picture: Joadl (CC-BY-3.0).

For many people, colourful meadows are the epitome of nature. Advertising brochures for holiday destinations, organic products or leisure wear make use of such images, and since insect mortality and the biodiversity crisis have become topical, the appreciation of colourful meadows has increased and the loss in the landscape has also been more strongly perceived. However, it is often overlooked that these are not pure nature but cultural landscapes that owe their existence and character to their use.

Thus, in view of the dramatic loss of species-rich grasslands, research on adapted forms of use is needed, whereby both the demands of the animals and plants and the yields of the users must be included in the investigations. A diverse research landscape has emerged over the past few years, which the lecture series aims to provide insights into. (translation: deepL. Lectures in german)

Hakon Nettmann (21. July 2023)

State: 21. July 2023

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